Thank you for the brochures! Everybody loved them.

Joanne / Halifax, Canada

I try and create logos that whisper rather than shout. The main purpose of a logo is not necessarily to “represent” the company, product or service, but to act as a unique symbol, without primarily recognizing a resemblance to something of past memory… but something altogether new – and it will begin to stand alongside the company name as a unique identifier now and in the future.

Thanks so much for the wonderful work on the website. It looks great!

Augusta / Lewis Center, OH

The event was a success, and the book turned out great.

Stephen / Harrisburg, PA

For the particular

For those interested in finding a well-equipped Graphic Design & Web Design resource, the experience, taste, culture, and technical skills at MC Graphic Design services are open to you and immediately available

For the demanding

Equipped with over 30 years in Visual Communications, design and print production and over 20 years in website design and development, there shouldn’t be any task too demanding.

For the ready

Design for print, advertising, web, packaging, mailings, publications, and campaigns.